Our Journey

The Name

In the Chinese culture, the word FÚ means “blessings” and the symbol of FÚ represents good luck and fortune.

With FÚYU, we created our own word to say “blessings for you” with the aim of bringing together the Eastern and Western cultures into a single word. That is what FÚYU is about, creating the perfect combination of Asian tradition and Western modernity.


The Idea

When our founder first moved to Asia, she immediately fell in love with its culture and style. Wandering around the streets of Hong Kong, she realised the potential the Chinese traditional clothing had combined with a European touch. The rest is history...

We have created traditional jackets with a bold design and a millennial approach. Our aim is to play our part in updating the definitions of tradition, vintage and opulence, making something for people who want to make a statement and share our love for mixing and matching.

Our jacket’s different colours, silk patterns and natural fabrics are meant to be a celebration of love, happiness and life, being natural, real and spontaneous just like us.

Handcrafted by artisans and inspired by the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, each jacket is unique and made with care. We have a limited production of jacket styles and each piece is meticulously crafted by our artisans at our atelier in China.


The Soul

(founder's letter)

I have a very curious mind. I’ve been travelling most of my life, working abroad, discovering new lands, new cultures, new experiences. I guess I embarked myself quite early on my lifes journey trying to find my true purpose in it, trying to find “home”, but there has always been a higher mountain to climb, a greater opportunity to take, a new wonder to find.

I have to admit it, I am still today in the middle of my journey. However, let me share with you something I have learned along the way; it is actually the whole purpose behind FÚYU: Home comes from within ones self. It is not one specific place or one person in particular that makes home for someone else; home is a feeling.

FÚYU is my way of contributing to everybody’s journey - I want to let you know that you are not alone. Because no matter whether you have the perfect job, lots of friends, found your “partner in crime” for life or are having fun as a single person, we all have a purpose in life and a journey to embark on in order to fulfil it. Listening to your soul and staying truthful to it may be one of the hardest things you do and FÚYU wants to accompany you in this path, bringing you luck and blessings along the way while, elegantly, making you look fantastic.

Here’s to the journey!



FÚYU Founder & Creative Director